In case you haven’t heard already, its Plastic Free July.
And in case you have been totally disconnected from life in the modern world,
let us break down for you what Plastic Free July is all about.

Somewhere along the way, we became a throwaway society…
Something breaks? Throw it.
Bored of something? Ditch it.
Don’t need something no more? Bin it.

This mentality has now delivered us an ocean full of plastic,
landfills that are breaching their boundaries
and natural ecosystems that have come under serious threat (understatement!).

Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our oceans.
Now I have no idea actually how much that is but I do know one thing – that’s a fucking lot.
Too much one might even say. It’s time to get serious.

So, this July join us and the Plastic Free July movement
to take positive action towards creating a better tomorrow for our mother Earth
and all us humans so we can enjoy clean glassy waves, pristine beaches and thriving reefs to explore.

Get involved by saying no to single-use plastics!

Do you need a straw with that? Absolutely fucking not.
Negroni’s taste better when you drink it straight from the glass anyway.

How about a plastic grocery bag? Nup, I brought my own reusable bag thanks mate.

What about my morning coffee ritual? Invest in a Keep Cup and be a decent human already.

At First Base we went plastic-free a looonnnnggg time ago by making big
and small changes throughout our complete business, from biodegradable poly bags to Keep Cups.
We’d love your help to get more people going plastic free
by asking your favourite brands or businesses what they are doing to
go plastic free to help affect positive change.

Take the pledge to join Plastic Free July and the First Base Crew on making a difference.


PS Tell your mates